Electronic Catalyst

Electronics Catalyst

With the electronics online platform, you don't need to buy Arduino and various modules to build a project or learn electronics, and you can easily use the online platform to work with Arduino in a real way (and not a simulation).

Electronics online platform features

Create your connections online

With the Arduino platform routing system, you only need to choose which pin of Arduino to connect to which pin of the modules you want, and communication is established with one click.

No parts required

In the Arduino online platform, everything is online, and the user has online access to the Microcontroller ,board and electronics modules, and you can use all these parts online.

Upload Your Program

By using the web service of the Electronics Online platform, you will have everything on one page and you can easily change the physical parameters such as pressing a key or changing the status of the encoder or etc.For sensors such as temperature and humidity, you can request to change the sensor's temperature and humidity through the panel, and the temperature and humidity can start to rise or fall at the moment.

Changing physical, mechanical and environmental parameters

You can write the Arduino program on your system and upload the HEX file of the program to the microcontroller through the panel and see the result.After uploading the program, you can view the result of your program on the hardware through the camera image in the user panel, and you can also view the serial port information in the user panel.

How to use Arduino Online Platform

1: Create An Account

First Create An account on ArduinoLab.net

2: Reservation

Go to the Arduino platform online system device page and reserve the system at your desired time

3: Login To platform

You can login to the platform and use it at the selected time in reservation