Make Connections

As you know, in the usual method, the parts are arranged on the board and then connections are made using wire jumpers, which is a time-consuming and tedious task, and sometimes the connections may not be made correctly or the jumper wires have problems, and if connections are made, An incorrect one will cause the part to burn or fail to function, and it will take a lot of time to troubleshoot the system, and if you are new, you will be stuck in an infinite loop of finding problems between parts, connections, programs, programmers, etc.

Electronics Online platform create Connections

In this system, all these issues have been solved and the router system allows you to choose and create connections at the moment through the user panel, and you can change them whenever you need.

With this system, you can create connections instantly or change system connections according to your needs.

For example: in a temperature display program on the OLED LCD, you want to connect the sensor to pin A of the microcontroller and the i2c OLED connection to pins B and C. Just select the connections in the same way through the menu and press the routing button and that’s it! Your connections will be created at the same moment!!

Or you may want to change these connections later, no problem. Change the connections again in the same way.

Even if you accidentally choose the wrong connections, it will not damage or burn the part, and the routing system will prevent this from happening.

electronic online platform create Connections

In the user panel, you can choose the connections of parts and modules to the microcontroller, and after pressing the routing button, all connections will be made.

In the system messages section, the message “system routed” will be displayed, which means that the connections were made successfully.