The Electronics online platform is a platform for testing microcontrollers programs where you can upload your program to the microcontroller in real (and not simulation) and make connections and see the performance of your program.

In each system on this platform (see Devices Specifications), there are a number of commonly used modules that you can use in your program according to your needs.

No more:

  • Buy parts

  • Waiting for parts to arrive by mail

  • broken parts

  • Problematic connections

  • burning parts

  • The need to always carry a board

And you can quickly implement your idea, you just only need an internet connection


Among the questions you may have

  • In an electronic system, some parts need access and physical triger, such as keys, keypads, encoders, potentiometers, etc.

  • How can these parts be accessed in an online system?

  • Some parts such as temperature, humidity and light sensors need environmental changes for testing. How can these environmental parameters be controlled in an online system?

  • If I have online access to the board, how do I make the connections?

  • How about the LCD module or keypad or… Connect to my microcontroller? What if I want to change it? Or what if I connect it wrong?

All these questions are answered in the next parts of this doucumention. You can also see the video of the example of the Electronics Online platform above.