Get Started

To use any of the Electronics Online platform devices, you first need to register on the website and then reserve that device at the time you want.


Because our devices are real and not simulated. Whenever someone uses it, it is assigned only to that person, and currently due to the limited resources for using each device, you can reserve that device for yourself at a specific time and use the device at the selected time.

Reservation a device requires only three simple steps

Step 1: Signup

first thing we need is to make a user Account on


If you already have a user account, you can make a reservation with the same email and you will not need to register again.

Step 2: Reservation

Click for Login/Reservation on DAWN Device.

goto Reservation Section and fill the form

Fill the email Field with the same email that was used for registration in step 1(otherwise you will get an error). Choose a password for your login Choose your desired time


  • The displayed time is based on the time zone of your region, which is displayed in the time zone section.

  • Times that are already reserved or unavailable cannot be selected.

  • Each person can make a reservation only once a day and the free reservation period is 30 minutes and only on that day.

  • If you need to reserve the device at a desired time and duration, you can request a premium reservation through the website user account.

Electronics Online platform Reservation

After Successful Reservation you will see Your Reservation Detail like the image below

Electronics Online platform Reservation


  • Error: Your email is not registered on the website, please signup first in this case you should go to the and make a Account. if you already have an account just pay attention to use the same email that registered on

  • The selected time is not available no more Please choose another time May be during your Reservation someone else reserved that time and you should choose another one.

  • Error: You can make only one reservation per day due to the limitation of free account which is described here you can use premium reservation. to do that goto user Account.

Step 3: Login And Use

Click for Login/Reservation on DAWN Device.

After Reservation You could use the system in the time you choose. with the information from the Step2 you could Login to the system and use it.

Electronics Online platform Reservation